​Acoustic Guitar Lessons - London

​Learning Acoustic Guitar Made Fast and Easy

​Do you want to sound great on the acoustic guitar and don’t know how?

Are you struggling to get your chords to ring out nicely?

Have you got an acoustic guitar sitting in the corner of your room waiting for you to pick it up and play it?

Learning to play the acoustic guitar can be really tough.
You get frustrated with the slow progress while other people make it look so easy!
You might even have tried playing before and given up.

​We get that! Playing guitar is tough in the beginning. Many of our students have given up before they started with us.

Here’s what our guitar teacher had to say about when he first started playing guitar.

"When I first started out I couldn't play how I wanted, all my friends were already ahead of me and I was afraid they might laugh at my playing if I wasn't good enough yet" -Darryl Powis, Guitar Teacher

Fortunately for you, we have now over come all sorts of challenges for hundreds of our students, so that they can feel confident and excited about their guitar playing.

And you get do it too! We believe in you.

Jon, performing a song for us in this photo. He started as a beginner at Guitar Tuition East London and has developed so much confidence since then and achieved his dream of playing at Open Mics

Learning Guitar is exciting and has loads of possibilities! Get the right direction so you can be inspired to reach your goals and your true potential!

​Have you been stuck for awhile now on the guitar?

It’s easy to feel stuck when you have been trying to self teach, whether it’s from books, friends or things on the internet.

Some people manage to do quite well and many more get stuck trying it Do-It-Yourself.

Trying to do something by yourself when you have so many unknowns that you aren’t sure about, and no one around you to help is going to slow you down unfortunately.

Don’t worry!

Lots of our students who are here, some have even been trying to play for more than 20 years!!!

We’ve been able to transform their acoustic guitar playing right in front of their eyes.

​Learning from books, online material or apps can leave you more frustration and confused due to huge amount of content! And you could be learning the wrong thing! We can undo bad habits, but it’s easier not to get them in the first place!

With Your Acoustic Guitar Lessons London here, you will:

​Number 1: Have a lot of fun!

It might be tough at times but we make it as fun and enjoyable for you as possible!

Number 2: Learn the right skills to play the songs you love

It’s no good learning things that are irrelevant for you, so we make sure everything is tailored just for you! And what you would want to do on the guitar.

Number 3: Feel way more confident about your guitar playing

There’s a few special sauces and ingredients we use in lessons that will help transform your confidence for playing guitar. Want to experience it yourself? Come meet us!

Number 4: Meet other people just like you and get involved!

We are so lucky, that we love all of our students. They are the best! If you want to meet some amazing, the most lovely people who love guitar too. Then you are in the right place.

Number 5: Never get bored

It’s important for you that you never get bored and always love playing the guitar so that this becomes something you can do for life. That’s what we help you with. 🙂

Number 6: Broaden your horizons

A lot of our students say that they didn’t even know learning guitar and being part of something like our school could be so much fun and bring them so much happiness. The great thing is that it just gets better and better! The toughest thing is getting started.

Ben came to us having tried for years to play by himself and suffered terrible pain from playing guitar. We helped him fix all of that so that he can enjoy his guitar playing all over again! He now loves playing his favourite John Mayer songs that he couldn’t play before.

​Whether this is your first time OR you’ve been trying for years.

Whatever the reason that brought you here, if you want to get better at acoustic guitar, then it’s easy for you to meet us.

We are even going to offer you a free session with our guitar teachers so you can experience it yourself first hand.

​Common Questions and Answers for our guitar lessons in London:

Will this work for me? If you are willing, then we will always be there to guide you every step of the way to success and help motivate you. All you have to do is believe in yourself. Believe that you can learn to play acoustic guitar.

Will I be supported outside of lessons? Yes, any questions you have, we have a whole supportive network to help you.

I don't feel like I have time to practise, will I still make progress?
You’re in luck! We have lots of experience in teaching effective practising skills to our students to make more progress in less time!

I don't feel like I have any musical skills, will I still be able to play? Anyone can learn to play guitar. We can coach you to do it if you are willing to put in the work.

​Faraz, our student performing at an Open Mic where we met his lovely family too. This was after 3 months of lessons starting as complete beginner!!! Well done on putting in so much effort Faraz!

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​What styles do you teach for Acoustic guitar?
Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Fingerstyle, Pop, Rock, Bluegrass.

Do you teach song writing?
Yes, we have a range of comprehensive guitar programs and guitar courses to suit whatever your needs and goals are.

What level do you teach at?
Beginner, all the way to advanced and professional musicians.

Do you only provide acoustic guitar lessons in London?
We also teach electric guitar as well. Click here to Electric guitar lessons in London.

What ages do you teach?
We have students range from age 5- 75, so any really!  

What happens at the free introductory guitar lesson?
It is where we get to know each other and work out how you learn the guitar, so we know the best way to teach you. Acoustic Guitar Lessons London are based in Stratford, East London. Near Bow, Wanstead, Leytonstone, Mile End, Bethnal Green, Woodford, Snaresbrook.

​Faraz, our student performing at an Open Mic where we met his lovely family too. This was after 3 months of lessons starting as complete beginner!!! Well done on putting in so much effort Faraz!

P.S - Get started today to receive a free introductory lesson with us so that together if you even like us! We hope you too so you can join many other happy students are our school.

I am so excited to meet you in person!
There’s nothing we love more than to help our student’s dreams come true.

​We are super excited to meet you! Here are a few of our wonderful students. 🙂