Learn Four Ways To Achieve Greatness As A Guitar Player

The 4 Ways To Become A Great Guitarist

Fact: many guitar players achieve much less in their guitar playing than they really can.

The majority of guitar players are simply average, because they try to learn on their own, choose not to challenge themselves, give up too easily or fill their minds with negative/disempowering thoughts.

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To become a great guitarist, you need to avoid their mistakes and start taking action to accomplish big things in your playing. Here are a few of the best things you can do to become a great guitar player:

Find And Work Together With A Great Guitar Teacher

It’s critical that you find a great guitar teacher if you want to become an excellent guitarist fast. Working with a high quality teacher gives you access to the best practicing methods, expert feedback, effective strategies for reaching musical goals and powerful coaching that you just can’t get while learning on your own.

Darryl with student Rob Ash, working on fingerpicking
Darryl with student Rob Ash, working on fingerpicking

Find a great guitar teacher by first determining the musical style you want to play in. Then look for someone who has excellent guitar teaching credentials (i.e. has been trained specifically on how to teach guitar for a living by an accredited program) and has already helped many others achieve the musical goals you have.

Once you’ve found this teacher, don’t hesitate to get started. They usually have long waiting lists that fill up fast. Contact them and tell them about your musical goals so you can quickly begin reaching them.

Practice Guitar Very Effectively

Simply put, the more effective your guitar practice is, the faster you get the results you want. Many guitarists practice things in a random manner and don’t get the most benefit from their efforts.

Instead of taking this approach, map out your specific musical goals and centre your practice time around them.

This helps you determine which practice items are most relevant and which ones should be discarded altogether. If you aren’t sure what to practice or how to practice it, the best approach is to find a great teacher who will do this with you.

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Maintain An Empowering Mindset

One of the easiest ways to sabotage your guitar playing is to have a negative mindset. So many guitar players shoot themselves in the foot by having a mindset full of self-doubt, negativity and fear. People who are overcome with these things do not go on to become great guitarists.

Remember: you become whatever you think of most. Thinking empowering thoughts in the place of disempowering thoughts puts you on a path towards achieving anything you want in your guitar playing. Make it your goal to replace any negative thoughts in your mind with thoughts that inspire you and lead you to take action to improve.

Push Yourself Whenever You’re Faced With Challenges

Many guitar players quit too early whenever faced with a challenge. If you want to become a great player, you must do the opposite. Welcome difficulty in your playing and see it as your chance to overcome adversity.

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When you face your challenges in this manner, you open yourself up to growth. This is the approach that great guitarists use to put themselves a level above everyone else.

When you apply the four points in this article, you give yourself the best opportunity to become a truly great guitarist. Begin applying them right now and watch as your guitar playing soars to new heights!