Guitar Tricks Lesson Series for Beginner Part 1

mportance of Persistence and How to Sit With A Guitar

When you are start starting to learn the guitar, there are some basic guitar knowledge that is important to know to help you succeed. We’ve called them guitar tricks because people will be wondering what tricks you’ve been using to get so good at the guitar and look so professional.


The most important thing when you start learning the guitar is persistence and keeping going. You must be pig headed about it. When you are first starting to learn the guitar, you have to develop a bunch of skills with your fingers and your wrists and get your brain to work with your hands. And that requires you just to keep going. When you are having a bad day, a bad week, a bad couple of years where you haven’t played as much as you wanted to.

Remember it’s only a failure if you give up completely. If you get back on it, you are still going, you are still playing. That’s the only difference between those who got good and those who can’t play. Is those who got good kept going even when it’s hard. And when times are tough, you need to keep the motivation up and keep being determined to learn and challenge yourself with new things on the guitar. 


What I find with most beginners is that they struggle with how to hold their body when they play the guitar. they wonder “is my shoulder in the right place”, “is my arm in the right place?”. Another thing they struggle with playing the guitar comes when standing up with the guitar as well. It feels unnatural. So let’s solve these two problems today. By solving this, it will save you so much pain and problems in the future. The amount of intermediate and advanced players who never solved this problem early on have developed much bigger issues down the line. Such as lacking in speed, getting additional tension, and back pain. So let’s make sure this doesn’t happen.

Beginner Guitar Tricks

What we will take a look at is how to sit properly with a guitar to solve these problems. Most people when they play the guitar have it sitting on their strumming side’s leg. (So if you are right handed, the guitar for most guitarists is sitting on their right leg). What you will find is that you have to hold the guitar and it gives you additional tension on the side of the back, and another is when you stand up and play, the guitar is in a whole entirely different position on your body. This means that everything you are used to playing with your fretting hand, the position has just moved from being across your body to now next to your body.

Use a footstool to support your other leg. Alternatively, you can use books. 
Use a footstool to support your other leg. Alternatively, you can use books. 

How to Sit Comfortably With A Guitar

So what we are going to do is shift the guitar over to the other leg. (The fretting side’s leg, so if you are right handed, it’s on your left foot.) We are also going to use a footstool today to place under your left foot. If you don’t have a footstool, you can grab a few books that you don’t mind placing under your feet and using this to prop up your leg slightly. Now when you move your guitar to the other side, the curve of the guitar should wrap around your left leg.

Make sure you don’t have the guitar sideways at all, have the headstock of the guitar in line with your eye level. The guitar should sit by itself with no support from your back or hands. Practise doing this daily for a few minutes at a time with no hands holding the guitar.

beginner guitar lessons and tricks

When you practise in this position, this is the same position your guitar would be in when you are standing up. This means you can do half the practise that everyone else is having to do so that they can play in both positions comfortably. So you are solving yourself a lot of time and a lot of tension and back pain as well.

Alternative Option To Sitting With A Guitar

An alternative way to sit in this position without a footstool is by having a guitar strap.  Have the guitar strap just short enough so the guitar is above your leg and in the position it would be in is the same as when you stand up with the guitar.

If you have a light guitar, this works great with the guitar strap option. However, if you have a heavy guitar, I would have the guitar sitting on my leg because you don’t want the extra weight of the guitar to be dragging your back down and creating tension that way. 

Find Out How to Progress On the Guitar

Of course, all of this information is here for general use. For expert advice for your specific situation for you to get maximum progress, having the right guitar teacher to guide you will help you with your progress. If you are based in London and wanting to improve your guitar playing, contact us by clicking the button below. It will take you through to a contact form so that we can contact you about the free introductory lesson we provide.  Schedule My Free Introductory Lesson