For beginner guitar players, how to choose between starting on an acoustic or electric guitar?

Getting Started

Electric or Acoustic Guitar?

Are you wanting to learn how to play the guitar? Are you unsure about whether to start on an acoustic or electric guitar? Do you think they are both really cool, but don’t know which one will give you the edge in learning to play? Continue reading to find out the facts and how to choose between an acoustic or electric guitar.

The common myth about starting on the acoustic or electric guitar

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There is someone going around telling beginning guitar players about how to choose between an acoustic or electric, and I don’t know who is doing it, but it is totally misleading. So I want to first clarify the facts surrounding this myth so you can start your consideration process based on some solid facts.

“It is easier to start on the acoustic guitar, because that is a beginner guitar player’s guitar, and when you get good, then you get the electric guitar.”

Now this is completely not true, and I want to give you the facts on why.

When you first start playing any guitar, whether it’s acoustic or electric. The initial challenges you may face include building up your finger strength and the toughness on your fingers tips. Getting your wrists stronger. And also working out where all the frets and strings are on the guitar.

When you compare an acoustic to an electric guitar. Acoustic guitars have much thicker strings, where the electric guitar, the strings tend to be thinner. Thinner strings are easier for you to press down, and give you less pain when you play and practise.

Also the body of an electric guitar is much thinner. On the acoustic, you have this big body that you have to peer over to look at where all the frets are and strings are. You may find after a while of practise, your neck and back start to ache from this. On the electric, this is slightly easier as well.

What does this mean?

Starting on the electric guitar, you should be able to do longer periods of playing and practising because it will hurt your fingers less, and you will have less back ache and neck ache. And with more practise and playing, you should get better faster.

You might now think that it’s obvious that it’s better to start on an electric guitar considering these facts. But let’s look at why you may still want to start on an acoustic guitar instead.

Choosing the acoustic guitar first

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Learning the guitar is a really exciting adventure. So when you first learn how to play, you want to learn on the guitar that gets you really excited when you come home and you see it sitting there or hanging on the wall. It should make you excited to practise and learn to play new things on your new guitar.

So if you only ever want to play acoustic music, and you want to learn how to play campfire songs or do fingerstyle music only. If no part of you ever wants to touch an electric guitar, then you would want to start on an acoustic guitar. 

Make sure you get something that feels comfortable for you to play on, and more important, that you really love and gets you excited.

Do you want to learn how to solo?

If you love the idea of soloing and improvising, playing lead guitar, then the electric guitar has another advantage over the acoustic guitar. The electric guitar has more frets on the fretboard than acoustic, where acoustic often only goes up to the 12th fret, and the higher frets are over the body of the guitar, making it harder to play. The electric often has up to 22 or even 24 frets that are easily playable. So if you are wanting to lots of solo and improvisation, then having those extra frets will really give you more flexibility.

Getting both guitars one day

This is what I would recommend if you are really passionate about both. Is that one day, you should get both. I love the acoustic and electric guitar and I have several of both. I suggest getting your first guitar as an electric, just while you get started. And then getting acoustic later on.

Of course, we said before, if you have no interest in ever playing the electric, then get acoustic only. Remember to get the guitar that really excites you and makes you want to play all day long. It is your effort and practise that will really help you in making the most progress rather than having either an acoustic or electric guitar.

Are you wanting to learn how to play the guitar but don’t know where to start? Do you want someone to help you choose your first guitar? Are you wondering which direction you should go with your guitar playing to be able to do what you want on it?

There are so many variations to guitar playing and so many things you can do with it, it can be overwhelming. On top on that, there are so many resources as well. So if you want to make massive progress with someone helping you and making sure you definitely get to play the guitar the way you want to? Whether it’s playing your favourite songs, or being able to play at an open mic night. Then contact us to find out how we can help you. We are so confident that we can, that we even give you a free introductory lesson.

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